PLAYOUT // New original indie rock


At times intimate and aggressive, PLAYOUT create a unique soundscape that embraces folk, pop and indie rock. The original melodies are both laidback and aggressive; they arch and build upon themselves; resulting in tunes to which you can both tap your toes and close your eyes and sway. The influence of Mazzy Star, The Cure, Belle and Sebastian and Yo La Tengo can all be felt to some degree within the band’s songs.

PLAYOUT takes its name from a 1991 VHS tape released by The Cure. The five-piece music group, based in the Hamilton Ontario-area, has been writing original music since 2012. The band consists of Kyle Reiach (guitar, vocals), Michelle Smart (bass, vocals), David Fielding (guitar), James Moffatt (drums), and Jeremy Jaber (Keyboard).